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Name and Shame The Deadbeat Dads

This is Edward Jon Layzell owner and partner of his family business J Layzells and sons in Ilminster Horton Somerset. I am name and shame as my little girl wants everyone to know how this deadbeat and abuser has never paid any child support and this was even a court order that he agreed to pay and she has not seen a dime. And get this he is the accountant for the company. She has waited for her child support for 14 years. So imagine her asking me if he has ever sent funds for well being and education funds. when I told her he has never paid for anything. She was so sickened by this. The sickest part of this is when she asked why doesn't his family tell him to pay, I had to say well they are all just like him. So when I finish my book I hope it will help all kids and adults to heal from these monsters

Update: still has not paid child support what a deadbeat 

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