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Awakening My Soul page from book

A page from my new book and more to come on what hell I went through with the Layzell Family and the monster

"I think all of the abusers are cheaters I think they cheat because they do what they please. after I had my child the abuse got worse but once I filed for divorce and he was no longer living with me. after recovering from the abuse that you did on that last time he ever laid a hand on me.

 I found some letters from the gas card company. Something told me to open them so I did and I'm glad I did. what I found on the statement made me sick made me 
wonder made me think would my ex-sister-in-law Sophy l was telling me when she was drunk, she only gets drunk when she's at company parties and whenever she gets a chance this is true.

on the last business or company party Christmas party I went to this is when I gave birth so I decided to go and my ex-sister-in-law was so Tipsy started asking me if I knew if Edward was fooling around or if he had a mistress I looked at her and confused and ask her what are you saying?, she asked do you think he is cheating on you or do you know if he's cheating on you, that her husband Harvey came and took her and said shut up stop talking and he looked at me as to say oh forget her she doesn't know what she said she's drunk. Then he called to Edward to talk to me and then I told him what she said and he laughing she's drunk she doesn't know what she's talking about so I left it at that.

But when I open this statement on that gas card a company gas Shell station credit card that should only be used for the company. So I found a sex site and then look back and found another sex site so I decided to Google his name Google his email and boy was I shot he was running ads for singles dating sex sites dominatrix and some of the things that were listed made me sick.

All this time this is the person who says he loves me but he was abusing me this person who wanted a child but didn't really want her because he said you love her more than you love me since you had that baby that thing you don't want me anymore. I. What is he saying what an awful thing to say to me this is our child. So this whole time beating me abusing me mentally and physically being mean to our child but just ignoring her or just bitching about her all the time.

 He was on sex sites requesting and ask him for the sickest things I've ever heard some that I had to Google to find out what it meant age ranging from 18 to 88 years old not just women men too bisexual straight bondage water sports you name it he was asking for it. But he was so dumb by using his username with the same as his email name and where he was located and that he was a builder so many even posted his picture. what a sick person."

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