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Help Save Our Home

I am a single mom with a 13 yr. old daughter who is my whole world and the greatest gift God gave me. 
The start of my journey before I arrive back home with my baby from the UK was the biggest fight of my life and for the safety of my baby.
I had to fight so hard in the UK Courts to allow me and my child to come back home to the USA for a better life away from the man who was my husband, but also my abuser and rapist. I had to fight to make sure my child would be safe and even though it took a year and a half just to allow me to leave with my child , Then I had to fight to get a divorce from a monster it took a long time but I found my strength to fight him in court to be free. But always looking over my shoulder.

I made a home and made sure my little girl was safe and to get a good education When she was little she was bullied by a female Teacher. I made the big decision of my life was to be a teacher for my daughter and to work at home and also be her private teacher. As I never done this before I am happy that I have done a great job and she is an A student and happy. 

I to make sure that to save what I could to keep our home  I always make sure she had dental and doctors visits and whatever she needs for school and to keep food on the table. And for many years trying to get lawyers to fight for her child support but in the few years, money was going low and even though I have a court order that the ex should pay and he agreed to pay child support to this day she has ever seen a dime. Not once since we left the UK and back home to Texas He has never called or ask or seen her, and it has been 13 years.

But life has taken some unexpected and heartbreaking turns for me over the last few years. A few years ago I found some lumps in my breast and I was told to have them removed and this was a big cost for me and still paying for that surgery.  But I have to be strong I still suffer from pain from the abuse but I am not able to see a doctor as my funds will drain, but I was sick and then I had to use my emergency funds for hits and then I have suffered from painful and scary nosebleeds  that I had to be to the ER.  The doctor I have seen think it may be caused by the trauma I received from the abuse as I was beaten so bad.

And the heartbreak of losing my father was painful and I still hurt he was my great love and the best father in the world and a wonderful grandpa. He cared for me and my daughter but in his later years he was suffering from dementia, but before that, he would make sure I would be okay.  After his passing my mom was so heartless only talked about money it was so hurtful as she was talking right there when he passed.
I was never able to tell my father that my mom was abusing me physically and mentally and I could not tell him. But My mom made sure that I would never get a dime or my child but her some my half-brother will get everything. But I knew what type of person she was so it did not surprise me.  the last we spoke was 2 years ago when my father passed away, I did ask if she could help me as a loan that I would pay back she said no that her son may need it. So I had to ask not for me but for my little girl I never asked her or my father for money. 

I had to go through my savings, and I longer have a retirement, I teach, work at home selling all items from my art to what I own like clothing and what I can find around the house, I offer photo retouching, I have applied for jobs doing odd jobs all I can to make sure we are safe with a home and food on the table.
But I have so much pride I never would ask for help but I have a child and I am asking to please help me save my home.  I wouldn't be asking for help if I didn't really REALLY need it. This is an Emergency! I am calling all friends, calling all angels out there! 
If you're wondering why I added the photo of our little poms will my little girl asked for this to be placed. So I agreed because if we do lose we may not be able to find a place for pets and this breaks her heart as well as mine.  The amount I am asking is less on what we really need but I could not ask for that as this is so high.
I thank you for reading this and thank you if you make a donation and God Bless.

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