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My Texas Yorkshire Pudding Mix

( the plate is 12 inches to see how large they are)

These are Giants and I made them that way. I lived in the UK and when  I ate a Yorkshire pudding I thought okay they are good, but I can make this better and I did. Yorkshires are not, all the same, some people do a good job but yet small, and like my ex-mother in law small and hard and always burnt.

So as a native to Texas and as everything is big in Texas I had to add my touch and added a little bit more of a better recipe, and I made these. Every time I make them my friends and family ask for more and order more to take home. I was told they can never get enough. 

Also made them for both taste buds, you can eat alone or I add savory or it can also be used as a great dessert just place some ice cream in them or chocolate pudding, Mix fruit the ideas are endless.

I even fill them with beef stew or my chicken pot pie filling. they are amazing so if you would like a mix all you have to do is add milk  eggs and use a mixer or a blender ( I use a blender )
and just add olive oil in the pan, but you will get a recipe sheet that tells you how to get started

The Mix makes 6 Large Jumbo Size Yorkshire Puddings average size for each 6 to 7  inch and it will vary but they are big. I use a muffin pan from Amazon I place the link below to the pan I use and recommend ( I have three of them as I make a lot)

But wait you can also use the mix for Told in the hole!

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