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Name and Shame the deadbeat Dads & His Family

Name and Shame the deadbeat Dads & His Family who know and do nothing for a child
Yes this should be told to all who help the abuser and the deadbeat

The Deadbeat who owes almost $80,000.00 in back child support   Edward Jon Layzell
the ABouser and Rapist Edward Jon Layzell

The father who knew about the abuse and knowing Edward layzell was taking my money and never paid and also agreed that I should divorce his son and he would also is the one I would call to pick up Edward is son to get him to stop abusing me and this is my ex-father in law  Peter Layzell

The ex-mother in law who also knew about her son being so cruel to me, and when i told her twice what her grandchild said to me about daddy having a stinking penis or when the little one said her grandfather has a hairy penis. and she took no concern about it. But I did have it on record on the courts on what she said. bad grandmother  Ann Layzell

And the ex-brother in law name Harvey Layzell the person of the child who told me about her dad, and the person who tried to run me off the road with my baby on the car off the road many times, That I had the police to inform him to stop this his name, Harvey Layzell

And last is the ex sister in law who lied on court record and also who told me about my ex-having an affair  and that she even was trying too hard to have one with an employee name Luke and other females, When she explained how she got pregnant to get her way and when she hit the child with a wooden spoon on the side of head. And what other weird secrets she said about the family that I did not want to know. Sophy layzell

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