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Please Write to Deadbeat Dad Edward Jon Layzell

Edward Jon Layzell

Is Part owner and the account of a Family Business call  JLayzell & Sons in Horton Ilminster Somerset Established 1895 Building Conservation Contractors celebrate 120 years in the building industry.

Edward position is company account Director & builder also he is a shareholder and owns 80 shares of the company

Has never paid for child support in 12 years, He was court ordered to pay but never has paid a dime I am still waiting, So I am asking everyone to write to him and ask why he has never paid for my education and well being, My mother has been a rock and has always worked hard to make sure that I am safe and care for me and love me. When I found out he has never paid for my child support and was courted ordered I was sickened to my stomach this person who I don't remember because he never made contact with me and I do not wish to see him as he is a total stranger and abuser, who later found that he abused my mom in such an awful way. I know now why she fought to make sure I was safe from him. Please help me and write to This person Edward Jom Layzell on asking why he has never paid and when will my funds will arrive.

Company public Address

J.Layzell & Sons Ltd
Pound Road
TA19 9QT

Tel: 01460 52855


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