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Help A Little Girls Fight on Deadbeat Dad

About Tiffany Layzell and Her fight for legal help and her plea for help on her future.

My name is Tiffany Layzell, I was born on October 2nd, 2004 in England from a small village named Horton near Ilminster in Somerset. I don't remember much of one and a half years I was there, except a short memory of Harrods. I grew up in Texas raised by my loving and supportive mother and stepfather.
I am a normal kid, I go to good schools, I like watching TV and playing games, I have pets that I care for deeply, but I always knew my parents were divorced. I always knew he never paid child support. Now as I get older and I get closer to finishing school, we all believe it's time for my biological father to pay the thousands of dollars he owes me. So not only I can have funds for a school, but also funds for what I want to do, such as gaming, and independent movies, and my future.
The amount so far owing to my child support and never paid is over $85,000.00 and growing and until this day I have never received any funds from him. My mom has tried and never stopped trying, she has done so much for me I want to help fight as well/ Please help and donate what you can and share my story.
Thank you,
Miss Tiffany Layzell

P.S. Note to this Deadbeat I know what abuse you did to my mom I read all the courts records and listen to all the tapes you are a monster. I know now that you act that I do not exist, from reading newspaper in Somerset that I am not listed as anything or that you started a new family and took care of two girls giving them all medical and trips and food and a home, also an education. And Knowing now that you're an accountant for your company and that you fiddle the books because it was written in the court records and recorded.

And I saw the images of the beating you did to my mom and the blood, also the abuse you did for all those years to her, you are a monster. I also know that you tell people my mom won't let you see me or talk to me which are all lies. And the people in your Village of Horton know this they know what you did to her, and you're a joke to them. 
You never wrote called visited me not once, All my 13 years you never paid a dime or cared.
you had an order to pay my child support and never did and last letter to my lawyer 9 years ago was " I don't have to pay" but I will open an internet account and she will not see it until she is 18years and that is all I am doing".  But you are not the LAW you need to pay what you owe me,  you were ordered by the courts.

I am happy I am safe and that My mom fought so hard to get us free from you and your abusive family, as I heard from close friends of the Layzell family that they knew and did nothing to help my mom or me from your abuse shame on them.
That when you abused my mom and she had to call you father Peter Layzell to get you so you can cool off at their home with your mother Ann Layzell,  Even my God mother Vida Drayton Ann Layzell best friend knew and she was afraid to help my mom I did here that Vida Drayton gave my mom a little money to buy food when we lived in Horton Ilminster but she was afraid to do anything more as she said to my mom " If they found out I am helping they will give my life hell and I do not have anywhere else to go" But she told my mom so many things about the family.

I was told that the family and he owns a building company in Horton Ilminster name Jlayzell&Sons, and the funny part is he is the company accountant. 

Please write the US and UK Newspapers and Officials to help fight.

Please Donate So I can fight 

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