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The Tiffany Layzell Fund

Young girls fight for justice for her rights to what is hers and for her future, for legal fees to fight a deadbeat dad on child support and for her education for her dreams in the future. Please read more about her story and her amazing mom who fought in the UK courts to get herself and baby Tiffany out of the UK to the US to be safe. She is fighting for the amount owed to her today of the amount of $ 80,000.00 that has never been paid. Please help her to fight what is hers for her future.

This is a letter to all from Tiffany Layzell

My name is Tiffany Layzell, I was born on October 2nd, 2004 in England from a small village named Horton near Ilminster in Somerset. I don't remember much of one and a half years I was there, except a short memory of Harrods. I grew up in Texas raised by my loving and supportive mother and stepfather.
I am a normal kid, I go to good schools, I like watching tv and playing games, I have pets that I care for deeply, but I always knew my parents were divorced. I always knew he never paid child support. Now as I get older and I get closer to finishing school, we all believe it's time for my biological father to pay the thousands of dollars he owes me. So not only I can have funds for a school, but also funds for what I want to do, such as gaming, and independent movies, and my future.
Thank you,
Miss Tiffany Layzell