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2017 Update DeadBeat Dad

 On this day Feb 2017 the update on the Deadbeat dad named Edward Jon Layzell.
Nothing has been paid to a wonderful little who never heard nor seen in all of 11 1/2 years. So this is a stranger She only knows one man as her father and that is her step dad and a wonderful man he is.

Still waiting for the child support for her that was agreed at court, but not a dime was ever sent to her. Nothing on his part or his family. What a joke she said  I don't know him he is a stranger he was never a part of my life.

Shame on you  Edward Jon Layzell that you cannot even send funds to a child, a child that you promised. I did talk to a few people and they all say what an awful person you are, and this shows your true colors and I am speaking with government officials on this matter they all agree that he is scum. As a woman a mom we have to speak out on this issue because we are speaking for our children and for their rights as a good parent should.

I was contacted by a few UK newspapers on hearing about my story and I put it off because I hate to think of the pain this person did to me and I now think I will agree to talk and tell my story.

To all women in the world fight for your child rights and fight for your rights to get peace from their abuser.
Knowing so many things he did to me plus what he even said to me and to others and all about his family my God it is a story to tell and a true one. this person abused me and abused the court for not sending the funds.

My little girl is a happy girl knowing she is cared for and loved and has made her mind up a long time ago. and knows everything he and his family did to us. She is happy that we are free from hell.
So she is asking for her rights and what should be given to her by law and by right.

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  1. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the Texas org on abuse I have contacted the Judge and all officials in the US and the UK on this matter and legal authority is filing a case on this matter. It would be so simple to just make the payments, but not happening, and also have reporters asking about my story on this and I am going to help all I can for all mothers from abuse and child support. Please share and tell my story as well as other victims. I tell all mothers to do the same contact your local legal department and get help on the victim of abuse centers to help. thank you