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Edward Layzell Deadbeat Dad of Somerset England

He is the Accountant with his
120 Years in Business Family Company
J.Layzell&Sons of Somerset

J Layzell and Sons Ltd Layzell & Sons Ltd, Ilminster

He travels the world but, Edward is an Abuser & a deadbeat Dad
for a decade never seeing his child and never paying for agreed court order to pay child support. Edward just cannot see that he is still abusing his own child by not sending  his overdue child support.

I guess Edward Jon Layzell just wants to go to jail because it is the law he is breaking for not paying his child support. Plus no more drivers license or passport. all because he did not pay child support. So would you trust this man we don't nor anyone who does this like the Courts in London or in Texas 
Read next time if Edward ever pays his overdue child support, really Edward you're denying a child her rights, Shame shame on you.

I will Keep everyone updated on this issue and will post all message I receive

MILESTONE YEAR: The Layzell family pictured with the majority of the team and associates at Christmas read the story click the link 
So many years in business and so many employees, he can smile and not seem to care that he has not paid his child support . Read the story please My child found this  and was amazed that it seems that she never existed. I mean she knew this anyway becasue he has never been in her life.
 www.makedrama.comMAdD Workshop

Harvey Layzell Sophy Layzell
Peter Layzell Ann Layzell

Update still has not paid and I wonder if his famliy knows he has never called or visited and never sent a dime to  his child never 6/23/2016

Ilminsters Somerset Deadbeat dad Edward layzell , Deadbeat dad of Horton ilminster somerset


  1. Replies
    1. This is sad he also posted a comment like he did not know what a fool

  2. Sad he posting

  3. what a dick I know somethings about them. I will send you some inforamtion

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    1. Thank you for your message, yes I am doing some books and eBooks of short stories. just to note The deadbeat Edward Jon Layzell has not paid any child support and now just waiting for him to be placed in jail in the UK or the US. as it will happen