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US Moms with UK Deadbeat Dads

Please tell your story and lets us see how we all can help and change the Laws and find what can help to stop deadbeats from abusing the system and the child

Here is a bit of my story:

My ex from Somerset England owner and partners of a  family-owned company now over 100 years in business. Who was my abuser for years of physical and mental abuse?. I gave birth to a wonderful little girl in the year 2004 and found my strength to change my life to get free from this pain so he would not hurt me and to make sure he would not hurt her.

Even to this day he has never called nor asked to see her. On one hand, we can count all the Birthday and Christmas gifts his mother sent, not him. If cards were sent they were all placed in one envelope with his parent's card, so as not to pay for extra postage, or he sent the same cards with all the same words. Not even his parents, the grandparents, would ask how she was doing, or called, never asking for a photo or never writing a letter to her from his side of the family like she was not even here.

The family and the ex would post all the trips around the world, the parties, the gifts and the cost of the school tuition for the other grandchildren of £15,000.00 each, this is the amount of $30.000.00 in dollars for each child.
You would think he or his family would have offered to make sure my little girl would be offered the same for her schooling, but we can see they are cruel. She is a child that never asked for a dad to be so awful as to just not care.

But he is an abuser, a monster, he was arrested but never charged but he raped me, and he even said he did, but nothing was done about it in court But it is on record what he said, and that is all I asked for in print on the court records, but I am okay with that. Some say because he and his family have power, money or scaring some.

 His father is a member of the local Masonic lodge.  Is this why the court took long and how he got away with so many things?  The police officers and detectives I spoke to cannot understand how he was getting away with this. Where I come from Masons are known for helping widows and orphans. Perhaps that help is only for them and their own children, and not extended to divorced daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

It was painful to see people in the small village of the family. Some were afraid to speak to me in front of him. But when I was alone they were so kind. Later when some of the people in the village found out what he did to me they would come over to the house to say you need to leave.  He will hurt you and the baby, and to watch your back.  

Never once has he paid any child support as ordered by the court that he agreed to this day he owes the amount of in dollars $ 62,085.33

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  1. We the women of Texas of Abuse can not believe he posted a comment as there is proof that shows in court papers that he has not paid any child support and records and photos of the abuse shame on you sir shame

  2. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the Texas org on abuse I have contacted the Judge and all officials in the US and the UK on this matter and legal authority is filing a case on this matter. It would be so simple to just make the payments, but not happening, and also have reporters asking about my story on this and I am going to help all I can for all mothers from abuse and child support. Please share and tell my story as well as other victims. I tell all mothers to do the same contact your local legal department and get help on the victim of abuse centers to help. thank you