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Selling on Amazon Handmade Shop not so good

Saturday, May 7, 2016

This is a first to Amazon to offer sellers who make and offer handmade goods to a large retail. And at first looking at it wow you think I will get more views and customers and this is great,right now you can get in free just fill out form and they will look to see if you qualify for the group and then you get an invite and you start setting up shop  what a great feeling.

Okay you load your image and they must be clean not a lot of to it then add you information and policy and return and refund agreements that you would do in your own shop, but wait it is a bit different then what you would offer because you have to offer what Amazon policy offers as well so confusing. So you add the best you can to offer your professional service and add what you can and cannot offer like the buyer pays for the shipping if they wish no to have it or etc.

Great your set up shop is live then you get your first sale you sell your large poster Chanel Paint art handbag 2016 calendar and this is your art as a print so normal price 32.00 us dollars great  price selling on your shop and customers love the price and the art, so great that an Amazon customer likes it too. So you print the item and ship it packed well and knowing it will arrive safe and in a professional manner so customer well shop back again.

 Okay here is a customer who is going to cause trouble and lie and trying to get paid for sending back a damaged item I asked for an image of why she returns it so I can see if there are any damages and we can go from there. Customer writes back asking why do I need images just send me my money and shipping cost now in full items is not as promised. I did ask what was wrong the first email the item was not as the online store site, next email the item was to come with frame, next email just sends me my money now just do it now.

I wrote the item is what you see exactly like the image on the shop and my description state this doe not come with frame and . She writes back okay now changing her story one more time, okay yes I read it does not come with frame and I wish to have my money back why is it so hard to send me my money in full send me my shipping label and then you can give me back my money now.

So finally 
I got the images from her and what the hell this is damaged and the box was intact and not damage to it and then I see a hole on the poster and I had to send here a copy of the image with a red circle showing her that there are damages. Then she writes that I Photoshop the image and this is not her image because there should be a photo frame of her little girl on it. I sent her the image side by side showing her this is hers and tat I did not Photoshop it and it is clear damage to the item.

 So when I show the damages she writes back and states she has reported me to Amazon and that just to send her the money now. I spoke to a rep with Amazon and told her the whole story on the matter and she even thought I was doing the right thing and at that, I should report the customer as this is not right and I may be being scammed. and I did a report on the customer and an A-z report as well to make sure they know what is happening and sent the images to them.

Customer well not here of any reason just pay in full now. so I had to file more reports on what I can offer and she can keep it as is I can not restock the item nor sell it at all. I wrote to the customer offering a $ 7.60 and this is more then I should offer but the customer will not have it. Okay, I wrote again to Amazon and I was told not to pay her at all until the item arrives into me and if damage note to pay her at all. then amazon rep wrote wait for the item and then send a partial refund if you want but wait for the item.

I did ask the customer that my policy states she will have to pay for the shipping cost to send it to me and then from there we will look over the item and do what we can but we need to see the damage, She said there is no damage just give me my money.  So I got an email from her where's my money and I need it now and I wrote I need a tracking number I did not get it and then two days late she gives me the tracking number and the same day I got the email the item arrived. I did get the truth she said she needs her  money because she thought it was no much money for art and I wanted to say then why did you buy it but I did not , I wanted to but hey not going to get to her level I don't have the time.

I was telling a friend about what was going on and she said you could see if she does this and I said no so she did and wow for someone who did not what to spend funds she sure likes to flaunt that she is living a luxury life but found others have complained and she has done this and tries to get things for nothing and that's not far shame on her.... anyway, I sent my last email to her just to say I got it and it did arrive damaged and worse than before and the tissue and seal was not in it and was wrap the wrong way and I will amazon help me take care of this matter and I cannot restock it or sell it this is a loss for me. and I will see what we can do if any Amazon will have to be the one to help on this matter and please stop writing to me write to Amazon. Thank you and have a great day. Sheline Tome

So this is my first sale on Amazon and once this is done I will close account I was fine on my own and never had a problem and now hearing Amazon Handmade will be charging $35.00 a month fee for selling on this program I am out because this is what I am fighting for and this is a waste of time I am going out and living life and having  fun. Now you may wonder why I wrote all this will to tell others what's happening and to vent and show what scammers out there and just be careful and move on.  
I was told to take off 50% for restocking and take off the shipping cost so sent customer more then I first offer for damaged item I offer $7.50 for damaged goods and now I had to pay total 13.52 . So I will wait for the next email because i am sure I will get one for her asking for full amount. 

I have been buying with Amazon for 10 years in the US and the UK and I have had some seller working with me like replacing  the item or sending a new one. But I never never sent back an Item that I broke back and ask for full refund never because it was my fault no the seller. I know people work hard for what they do and someone this woman to take advantage of people because I cannot be the only one she is doing this to no way.

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