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Meet the first woman to run it

In 1967, the American athlete Kathrine Switzer, became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. At the time, athletics officials believed women were incapable of running more than a mile and a half. The following is an excerpt from my memoir, Marathon Woman. It first appeared in Runner’s World Magazine, in April 2007. 

Should high school should start later?

The Slate by Iskin For all Designers must Have


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To see the specs and the price have a look I am looking into to this for my studio

Stylish Seniors

Stylish Seniors 

They're part of a series called "Advanced Style: Older and Wiser" and the man behind the camera is Ari Seth Cohen. The photographer traveled the world, visiting countries including South Africa, Sweden......

Students with Anxiety

Marcesa Summer 2016 Show

2016/2017 Givency Fall Show

2016 Saint Laurent Spring Fashion Show

Jennifer Aniston on Her Biggest Beauty Regret


Two decades have passed since Jennifer Aniston burst onto the scene and became a reigning ’90s beauty icon, thanks to that shining blonde hair and sun-kissed skin captured weekly on Friends. Since then, the 47-year-old actress has kept the preternatural glow and easygoing charm that made her a star, but more recently, has seen her life head in a new direction. There was her quiet marriage last summer to director Justin Theroux, coming on the heels of her Golden Globe–nominated turn in Cake
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I read this Article of " You Might Actually Be Able to Afford a Picasso "