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Sita Sings the Blues

Hair-Color Trend Is Truly Museum-Worthy

Is it just us or does it seem like there's a newhair-color "trend" every other day? Watercolor tresses, opal manes, and, most recently,cinnamon-swirl strands (we couldn't make this stuff up) — and they're all taking over Instagram. Well, the latest one is — in our opinion — truly museum-worthy.

Kansas-based stylist Ursula Goff is bringing famous paintings to life on her clients' hair. She draws inspiration from works of art to create mesmerizing, kaleidoscope-like hair colors that are surprisingly delightful. 

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Designer Kate Spade Is So Committed To Her New Brand

Kate Spade and her husband, Andy Spade, a.k.a. the people who brought you Kate Spade 23 years ago (and parted ways with the brand in 2007) have been cooking up a new venture called Frances Valentine. And Kate Spade (the person, not the brand) has a very big announcement leading up to the fashion company's launch this month: She changed her last name to Valentine. 

Kate Valentine (formerly Spade) revealed the rationale for her name change to Business of Fashion: “We’re not trying to be cheeky or coy," she said. "It really was to distinguish the name, and separate the two worlds. Obviously we’re super proud of Kate Spade and we want to be respective of both.

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