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Leopard milk bread

 leopard milk bread:  

 BREAD MILK LEOPARD Adapted from blog  Alter Gusto (For a form of 22x11) 25 g of corn starch (Maizena) 250ml milk 50g butter w / salt 70g sugar 1 teaspoon (tsp) vanilla paste (or extract) 1 / 2 tablespoon (coffee) of salt 1 egg 1/2 sachet of baker's yeast (3.5 g) 375g flour to the dough darker brown: Cocoa 15g + 1 spoon (soup) of milk to brown mass clearer: 5g cocoa + 1 tablespoon (tea) of milk a saucepan, combine the milk, vanilla, salt and corn starch with a wire rod. Bring to medium heat until it begins to thicken. Immediately remove, add the butter and stir until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and let cool 30 minutes. After this time, add the flour sugar and yeast. Mix well with your hands until a soft and elastic dough. (If you prefer you can knead a few minutes in the food processor until you can form a ball). You can see here the step by step will be much easier :) Divide the dough into 2 parts. Book one (will the white matter) and cover with a cloth. Divide the other into 2 parts. In one, together cocoa 15g mixed with 1 tablespoon of sour soup, and knead by hand or robot to stay with homogeneous color. On the other, add cocoa 5g mixed with 1 spoon of milk tea, and knead by hand or robot to stay with homogeneous color. You'll get a mass darker brown, lighter brown and greater white. . Form a ball of each color Leave 1:30 a.m. to rise at room temperature, covered with a cloth or book in airtight boxes 12 hours in the refrigerator. The next day 1:30 a.m. or later: Divide each ball into 2 parts. After one half to three balls and one in four balls. You receive seven balls of each color, i.e. 21 balls. Form 1 chorizo with a mass ball light brown, with 21cm (long shape), flatten and wrap it about herself. To form one dark mass of sausage in the same length and extend slightly, not too broad. Scroll the dark mass above the light brown chorizo (no need to cover everything). It forms a sausage with white matter slightly longer and extend width sufficient to cover the brown sausage. Repeat the operation until the end. Roll each sausage until it reaches about 42 cm, ie twice the length of the shape. Cut them in half and arrange them in the form, greased or lined with parchment paper, alternating ends. Cover with a cloth and let rise about 1 to 2 hours until it doubles in volume. Heat the oven to 170 ° C. Brush the bread with milk. Bake about 40 minutes. Test with a toothpick. Remove and cool on a wire rack.

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 Melt the chocolate with the milk. Pour over cake. Sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts.

Step leopard brioche

 Step leopard brioche 1

 Step 2 leopard briocheStep 3 brioche LeopardStep 4 brioche Leopard

Texas Mom Says She’ll Home School Her Child After The ‘Truly Frightening’ Thing a Teacher Told Her

Mrs. Vines, in a stunning interview on Glenn Beck’s radio program, said that a few days after her daughter first snapped at her, she started pronouncing a word incorrectly. Vines corrected her daughter “in the most gentle way possible,” but her daughter broke down crying, saying “that’s how she was taught, and I can’t tell her something different because I’m a mommy, not a teacher.”
Horrified, she asked her daughter,  “Is somebody telling you this at school?”
“She said, ‘Yes, I’m only allowed to learn from my teacher,’” Vines remarked.


Mini Gingerbread Houses To Your Hot Chocolate

 Since we start searching Pinterest in, oh you know, August for Christmas recipes, it's safe to say that by the time December 25 rolls around we have seen a lot (and we mean a lot) of cute ideas. So now that we're well into December, we thought we had pretty much seen it all. But then we found these mini gingerbread houses and our hearts stopped. 

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