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A story of abuse, hope, and healing Read My Story

I went through 6 years of abuse. I was married to an Englishman from Horton Somerset. October of  2005 I was beaten, and this was a big one, and the last time he would hit me. I was suffering for years at the hand of  Edward Jon Layzell. What was so painful his family knew, and so did mine, but no one helped. And even with my newborn baby, nothing.

But on October 15th 2005 I was beaten so bad I was sent to hospital. He was beating me while holding my baby girl in one arm. I was knocked out, and something told me to get up, or I would never  be seen again, or both of us. He was acting so crazy, so I do not know how I did it. I got up. I went to the door and I could not hear anything. All I could hear is my breathing. I went across the road to a friends house.

I did not think when I crossed the road of being it by a car, but I made it and when I got to the door she looked at me, and then I scream, "Help me! He has the baby!" My neighbor grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I was so lucky she had just arrived home with her friends.

She got me to the table, and gave me a large bowl because I was bleeding so much. My mouth was so full of blood they thought he punched my teeth out. I was crying, and ask to get the baby. I was afraid he was going to hurt her. The men from the house went to mine, but they were told by the police to stay put and wait for them.

The police arrive and saw me, and they asked what happened. Still bleeding, I asked just please get my baby. I am afraid he will hurt her.  The police went to my home to get my baby. I was scared he was hurting her and I prayed so hard that she was okay. I could see by their looks my neighbor and her friend I must have beaten bad . . .

By Monique D layzell©

To read more about my story Please help with donations to get my book made

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