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Finding the Motivation Solution

Connections Academy Learning Table
1. Ask your student how you can help. Listen to both your child's words and actions. You know your child better than anyone. What are they telling you?
Notice how your student is feeling at that moment and encourage a change that will improve his or her learning mood:

2. Remove distractions:
  • Organize the learning area.
  • Provide a quiet area away from younger siblings.
  • Turn off any unnecessary electronic devices, such as cell phone, television & MP3 players.
3. Set an appropriate pace for the assignment. Help your child understand what is required and in what amount of time. 

4. Envision success together and eliminate negative self talk. Talk about what finishing will feel like; set a reward. 

5. Brainstorm with your child. Help him or her make sense of the frustration he or she may be feeling from a lesson or assignment.

6. Demonstrate success. Share a goal or project that you have and explain how you are motivated to finish. For example, "While you finish writing your paper, I'll go finish the dishes, then we can play a game together. We both need to finish."
There is no end to the search for ways to provide the very best for your children. This includes motivation. Be patient, ask questions and listen. The answer is there. 

Please share any ideas you have for motivation with everyone else here searching!

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