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Zebra Chic French Flower Desktop


Relax, Breathe and #LetGo

Honey on Tap Directly From your Beehive

Monique Layzell Yorkshire Pudding

I made more Yorkshires last night I make them in a x large muffin pan so they can reach 5 to 6in height next week I will make my  Toad In The Hole. Just wanted to share the image with you guys. 

Homemade Naan Recipe

Learn how to make homemade naan (Indian flatbread) with this simple and delicious recipe! | 
I wanted to make naan and saw this site tried it and love love
check out this site and read more and other great ideas

Creative Educational & Craft Ideas

I was looking for some great items for my little girl and I found some great sites that offer a unique way to do crafts and learn about  the world.

Scientists Discover a Way to 'Turn Off Cancer' by Adding THIS to Cancer Cells


After a critical study at the US Mayo Clinic resulted in promising results, scientists are hailing the research as a crucial step closer to curing cancer.
By adding a simple molecule to cancerous breast and bladder cells, researchers found that they were able to turn the cells benign.
They used the PLEKHA7 protein which, if in the right quantities, is known to stop cell division with the help of microRNAs. If the signaling relationship between PLEKHA7 and microRNAs becomes deregulated or disrupted, it could lead to the growth of cancerous cells.
Now, researchers found that when they injected microRNA molecules into rapidly-expanding cancerous cells themselves, they were literally able to stop the cancer by ensuring that malignant cells didn't multiply out of control.


Our Kids Don’t Belong in School


When Milva McDonald sent her oldest daughter to Newton public school kindergarten in 1990, she was disturbed by what she saw. The kids were being tracked, even at that young age. And then there were the endless hours the small children spent sitting at their desks. It felt unnatural. In the real world, you wouldn’t be stuck in a room with people all the same ages with one person directing them, she thought.
During that single year her daughter was in the school system, McDonald saw enough to convince her that she could do better on her own. That would be no small feat: Newton’s public schools have long been rated as among the best in the state. (In our Greater Boston rankings this year, they’re 10th.) But she’d always worked part time—she’s now an online editor—and she was fortunate that she could maintain a flexible schedule. So she yanked her daughter out of school, and over the next two decades homeschooled all four of her children—including her youngest, Abigail Dickson, who’s now 16... ...READ MORE CLICK HERE

Back to School Lunch Ideas from

Back-To-School Lunch Ideas | Very Culinary 
Great fun ideas at Very

Pancake Pops

Pancake Pops 

 Click image to get to site for how to

Engraved Pet ID Tags & Collars

Personalized ID dog collar dog leash Jewel tone solid nylon laser engraved metal buckle dog collar for small dog large dog girl dog boy dog 


Unique designer dog collar, dog harness & dog leash 

Engraved Pet ID Tag - (11 Styles) - Personalized for Cat Collar / Small Dog Collar 


Stylish Cat Collars & Small Dog Collars + I.D. Tags

I bought a collar and tags for my little ones ( 3 Poms )  and these sellers ares great the item is just like the images and a great prices great quality materials . This is a must for your pets even if their chipped you should always have that  extra precaution . And both shops have great designs and will help you if you have any question.

Finding the Motivation Solution

Connections Academy Learning Table
1. Ask your student how you can help. Listen to both your child's words and actions. You know your child better than anyone. What are they telling you?
Notice how your student is feeling at that moment and encourage a change that will improve his or her learning mood:

2. Remove distractions:
  • Organize the learning area.
  • Provide a quiet area away from younger siblings.
  • Turn off any unnecessary electronic devices, such as cell phone, television & MP3 players.
3. Set an appropriate pace for the assignment. Help your child understand what is required and in what amount of time. 

4. Envision success together and eliminate negative self talk. Talk about what finishing will feel like; set a reward. 

5. Brainstorm with your child. Help him or her make sense of the frustration he or she may be feeling from a lesson or assignment.

6. Demonstrate success. Share a goal or project that you have and explain how you are motivated to finish. For example, "While you finish writing your paper, I'll go finish the dishes, then we can play a game together. We both need to finish."
There is no end to the search for ways to provide the very best for your children. This includes motivation. Be patient, ask questions and listen. The answer is there. 

Please share any ideas you have for motivation with everyone else here searching!

Printable 4 x 6 Table Number

Printable 4 x 6 Table Number Signs Antique Gold 1-10Printable 4 x 6 Table Number Signs Watercolor Blues Flowers 11-20 
 Printable 4 x 6 Table Number Signs Colorful Rose Bloom 11-20Printable 4 x 6 Table Number SignsBlack and White 11-20
Printable Table numbers - Instantly Downloadable Digital Files
♥ 5 Sheet with 2- 4x6 inch on 8'5x11 sheet 300 Res ♥
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Giftology: How to Make a Fancy Bow

Just for a laugh DAVID BOWIE & MICK JAGGER - Dancing In The Street

funny what it would have sound like Without Music

One pot Cooking

One Pot Zucchini Mushroom Pasta - A creamy, hearty pasta dish that you can make in just 20 min. Even the pasta gets cooked in the pot! 

i found this great site for the best recipes and on the sections for one pot cooking was great I did this recipe and what a easy way to get dinner ready and a look
 site name is  Damn Delicious

Amazing Walmart Picks

Have a look at Better Homes & Garden

Scrumptious Strawberry Dessert Recipes


You can find the recipe at Home & Garden

Diner at Damos

Liz Taylor Pop Art by Monique Layzell

or Purchase on Etsy : 

Homeschool Room Tour

How To Decorate Makeup Cookies With Royal Icing!

Grilled Steak Kebabs

 Grilled Steak Kebabs |

Simple Lemony Chicken & Spring Veggie Soup,

Hawaiian Coconut Chicken Great Site for Recipes

 Hawaiian Coconut Chicken |

Desktop wallpaper Breakfest at Tiffanys Monogram

Freebie Desktop Wallaper for August 2015

Whatever Lola Wants